Autodesk Legacy Exchange Initiative – 25% Off

Until 20.04.2018 Autodesk is offering a discount of 25% on the list price of a 1-year or 3-year rental licence in exchange for an old purchase licence without maintenance contract.

Exchange conditions:

  • AutoCAD purchase licences of versions 1998-2018 without current maintenance contract (maintenance ending by 31.12.2017)
  • New leases can be added to existing lease agreements
  • Licences that have been relicensed by means of a licence transfer before 01.11.2017

If you are interested, please speak to your local CAD-PLAN account manager or call +49-69-800-818-0. We would be pleased to prepare an offer for you.


Ваше контактное лицо

Ваше контактное лицо:

Безлер Денис Викторович
Тел: +7-499-346-7212

CAD-PLAN Германия
Тел.: +49-69-800-818-0 

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