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Autodesk Migration Vertical Products


We would like to inform you about changes to your Autodesk subscriptions. A few years ago, Autodesk withdrew your subscription license from its portfolio as a “standalone” new subscription license. Yours, and other products listed below (= vertical products), are, since then, part of ”AutoCAD including specialized toolset” (short: ACAD Toolset). The name “AutoCAD including […]

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Autodesk: Cambio para las suscripciones de 2 años


A partir del 7 de abril de 2021, Autodesk dejará de ofrecer la opción de una suscripción de 2 años. A partir de este momento, sólo hay opciones para una suscripción de 1 o 3 años. Si desea adquirir nuestros productos como soluciones independientes “todo en uno”, hable con nosotros.

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Autodesk: Exchange your license now and get 10% discount on 3 years


Se aplica a las licencias de red (licencia de compra con contrato de mantenimiento). 06.05.2022 – a partir de esta fecha finaliza la oferta de cambio a licencias de suscripción. Cambie ahora y asegúrese una importante ventaja de precio. En el precio de una suscripción de 3 años se incluye una ventaja de precio adicional […]

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Service Pack 1 now available!


The ATHENA 2019 Service Pack 1 is now available for download. Just click on the link for the customer center. As always, the zip file contains a description of the improvements and changes. Here is a short excerpt: Running on AutoCAD/Architecture/Advance Steel/Mechanical 2021 – especially in the 3D area Improvement of performance. (Take the chance […]

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Using flixo in the home office


We have been repeatedly asked about the use of flixo in the home office. If flixo licenses have previously been shared by several users in your office, there may now be a need to allow several people to use flixo in the home office. We are therefore keen to provide you with straightforward and helpful […]

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Special situations require special support


Notes on Covid-19 The current situation poses a special challenge for all of us. Your health and the health of our employees are our top priorities. For this reason, many of our employees are already working from home and all on-site training courses have been canceled. At CAD-PLAN it has been possible to work from […]

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