ATHENA 3D basics online training

AutoCAD and ATHENA 3D Basic Training.

In our 3D basic training courses, all basic functions required for AutoCAD and ATHENA are taught by an experienced CAD-PLAN trainer using practical examples.

The subject areas include the following 3D basic functions:

AutoCAD: User interface, 3D Operation, user coordinate systems, WCS and UCS, Boolean operations, 3D solid, dimension, change functions, 3D modeling, etc.

ATHENA: 3D operating functions, axle models, display modes, visibility of bar components, design aids, analyzing axle model, using/managing bar assemblies, determining bar connections, defining glazing, defining fillings, cutting, project browser, assigning tags, position model, parts lists, statements for bars and fillings, bar assembly managers, managing bar assemblies, creating bar assemblies and bar assemblies with variants.

Duration: Basics online Training, 3 days (incl. AutoCAD)

Make a binding registration for € 350,- net plus VAT per day. You will receive an order confirmation from us by email. Close Registration: 1 week before the scheduled training start time.

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