ATHENA 2D basics online training

ATHENA and AutoCAD basic training in 2D

In our 2D basic training courses, all basic functions required for AutoCAD and ATHENA are taught by an experienced CAD-PLAN trainer using practical examples.

If you are not yet experienced with AutoCAD, please book the AutoCAD basic course before the actual ATHENA course.

The subject areas include the following basic functions:

AutoCAD: User interface, operating functions, drawing, dimensioning, labeling, changing, layers, printing, blocks, table functions, etc.

ATHENA: Design functions: insulation, block, flat gasket, silicone, foil, standard parts, semi-finished products, bore, screw connection, free semi-finished product, filling, weld, wall, sheet metal functions, labeling functions, change functions, drawing aids, etc.

Duration: Full basic course, various companies, 3 days (AutoCAD: 1 day additional)

Training upon request:

Note: You can revoke your consent at any time by e-mail to


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