Innovations in SJ MEPLA 4.0

SJ MEPLA was completely ported to 64bit (32bit is no longer supported)

Some new features:

Main Program:

  • Automated load case generation and design proof
    • Standard/Codes can be set freely
    • Automated load case generation depending on pre-selected loads
    • Some load combination options possible
    • Checking load resistance or servability or both in one calculation
    • Considering of load duration effects in resistance (k_mod or other)
    • Parallel check of free glass edges with reduced strength
    • Parallel check of coated glass surfaces (enamelled)
    • Proof of shortening effectso Considering of special factors for laminated glass
    • Preset Codes: DIN 18008, TRLV or rudimentary ASTM E1300
  • Additional protocol with load case results and resistance check
    • Tabulated condensed output
    • Open format to be used in any word processing program
    • Direct ULS and SLS design check
    • Tabulated listing of each load case result
  • Completely shifted to UNICODE (paths, project names,… now possible in country-specific character set)
  • Simplified language switching without restarts
  • 2 new languages Polish and Czech
  • Minor changes in the program surface
    • Colored active project
    • Scroll wheel can now be used for the protocols
    • List of loadcases can be viewed by scroll wheel or arrow keys, …


  • Problem with Intel 3000 and 4000 graphics cards solved

Finite Element Kernel:

  • Enhanced solving by use of multiprocessors for
    • building the finite element mesh
    • setting up the stiffness matrix and solving
    • band with optimisation
  • Speeding up the system more than factor 2
  • Enhanced convergence for insulating glass units
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