Innovations in flixo 8

  • Support of the new computational method of EN ISO 10077-2. With the revision of the standard 10077-2 of 2017 an additional computational method for heat transport in air cavities has been introduced:
    • Slightly ventilated cavities are modeled as boundary conditions (using temperature and heat transmission resistance).
    • The radiation exchange in unventilated cavities is correctly modeled physically (radiosity method).
    • The heat transport by means of convection/radiation in unventilated air cavities is based on the same equations as with the existing method. However, it uses the mean direction of heat flow within the air cavity in contrast to the principal direction of heat flow (horizontal or vertical).
  • Multilingual Documents
    • Simple displays and printouts of documents in another language
  • User Interface
    • Computational log
    • Alphabetical view or directory view for materials with the material list
    • New “Delete” tool
    • Definition of auxiliary lines matched to the behavior of CAD programs
    • “Editing” tool with expanded entry via the keyboard
    • Stretching of marked objects with the “Editing” tool
    • Direct addition and deletion of edge points with keyboard short-cuts and mouse clicks with the “Editing” tool
    • Additional ways of marking and reversing marking
    • Adapted look and feel
  • Model and Import
    • All texts and names in documents are multilingual. The displayed language of a document can be adapted
    • Apart from national standards and external data providers, databases are multilingual
    • Object layer affiliation can be adapted
    • Support for the new algorithms of the standard EN ISO 10077-2:2017
    • Check of the grid to ascertain whether all regions have been subdivided
    • Vectorized and parallelized algorithms for speeding up the computation
    • Materials also have a standard surface property
    • Objects can be masked out and superimposed
    • Expanded methods for the display of areas and materials
    • Modified import rules for BLOCK according to AutoCAD
  • Results & Report
    • Psi value tool “1 component”
    • Min./max. temperature tool optionally takes into account the surfaces of air cavities “open to the outside”
    • Optional display of the scale and representation of a reference scale for the output
    • Optional display of units for the results object field function
    • Automatic dimensioning of the calibration panel during the Uf-value computation
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