flixo – Thermal analysis and reporting

flixo produces thermal-hygro analyses of the component and facade cross-sections. It has been developed by architects, computer scientists and physicists for architects, planners, energy consultants and building physicists.

With flixo thermal bridges, for example, can be detected at the planning stage and eliminated through changes in design.

The risk of the formation of condensed water and attack by mold fungus is found by the determination of temperature minima on building component surfaces and the ensuing surface moisture. In this way building damage can be prevented and heating energy saved.

flixo analyzes two-dimensional component nodes for stationary boundary conditions (room temperatures and thermal transfer coefficients).

The program is divided into a modeling and a computation/evaluation section. Whereas the modeling section defines the physical situation (geometry, boundary conditions, materials), in the evaluation section the results are quantified and presented graphically. Due to the well-proven and time-saving template model, individualized resultsreports are produced automatically and are dynamically updated during a renewed computation.

Interface ATHENA-flixo

Detail drawings produced in ATHENA can be integrated into flixo with a little effort. Areas and materials (where known) are transferred automatically and calculations become a child´s play. The usual time of 1.5 hrs. taken for the transfer of a detail drawing produced in CAD programs (plus the same time for modificationsto the detail) is now reduced to a few minutes – because ATHENA tranferres the detail perfectly prepared into flixo.

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