CRONOS – Product Data Management (PDM)

CRONOS is a company-wide data management system that is used to manage company data. It is particularly simple to manage article-oriented project data and design drawings created with ATHENA, APOLLON, AutoCAD, or Inventor. Layouts and individual part drawings from a design are displayed in a logical order, as well as all other project documents, such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, as well as PDF files and many more. Even project-related e-mail traffic can be handled via CRONOS. This means that at all times, a project overview with drawings, product information, orders, invoices, and related communication is available.

CRONOS is an ideal solution for drawing management, archiving and document, product data and lifecycle management.

Cronos is available in a number of different modules, including:

  • Cronos Basis: Document management for general workstations without CAD: Management of company-related data, such as emails, Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations, and PDF files, including Quickview.
  • Cronos CAD: Document management like Cronos Basis, as well as management of CAD data from ATHENA, APOLLON, AutoCAD and Inventor.
  • Cronos View: Data visualization, which is ideal in production.
  • Cronos BOM: BOM creation within the CAD systems.

CRONOS for the Project Start

CRONOS is project-oriented and automatically creates a folder structure from a template when a new project is created. The folder structure can be set up company-specific or according to the project type. Folders for quotations, orders, documentation, correspondence or for construction are directly available to the whole team, if necessary already with subfolders. A user-friendly dialog asks for the project-related data. In this way, a consistent project structure is achieved across the company.

Regardless of the type of document, CRONOS is a starting platform in which documents and drawings can be created for a specific project and already provided with additional information. This makes it simple to locate documents in the future, such as in the case of special drawings from which elements are reused in subsequent projects.

Features (selection):

Copy Wizard

The CRONOS Copy Wizard is the tool for duplicating existing assemblies and parts from Inventor and APOLLON. Large assemblies can be easily copied from one project to another using drag and drop, and a clear dialog allows you to select specific files from the assembly.

In the copy, all parts are created from scratch and are then available in the new assembly without the need for the original. The days of data chaos are long gone.

Number Generator

The CRONOS Number Generator assigns a document number to newly created files and names individual components in a drawing, ensuring that no names are duplicated. Components and individual parts can be clearly assigned in a parts list.

Version Management

CRONOS records all information associated with a change history and provides referencing between models of different versions. CAD revisioning and versioning are fully supported. From CRONOS, releases can be carried out when a certain status (milestone) is reached. Change indices are set automatically so that a drawing status always has a traceable index.

Search Function

Projects, folders and any kind of documents can be found quickly in CRONOS. A quick search can be done by typing, a column search can be used to refine the search result, or a search can be done by combining several search terms. There is a preview window for found files, as well as the ability to set personal and company-wide search favorites.

Quickly and reliably find parts with the associated information: With CRONOS, endless searching is a thing of the past.

Management of Project-Related Files

Within a project, for example, a component may consist of multiple files, such as the 3D model, the development, the SAT file for production and the information on coating/painting. These files can be conveniently displayed in a preview window, and additional files can be added to the component. When the sheet metal is then delivered to the sheet metal department, the complete documentation can be attached.

Automatic Filling of the Headers and automatic printing of layouts and plan directories 

CRONOS can automatically fill in headers based on a company-wide or project-specific template. Indexes, as well as project and file numbers, are also used for this purpose.

Defined Project Structure

Project structures can be defined in CRONOS via structure templates, which are set up administratively. This means that when a new project is created, it inherits the company-wide structure for a specific project type.

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