AutoCAD – the well-proven CAD software

AutoCAD is the world’s most popular CAD system. Whoever uses AutoCAD is compatible without restriction to more than six million other AutoCAD users and can make use of the possibilities of trouble-free and precise data interchange. For the fields of metal construction and facade technology it is particularly advantageous that AutoCAD is very common in design offices, architects’ offices and manufacturing companies. And in universities and colleges AutoCAD is also very popular – AutoCAD skills are particularly widespread amongst young up-and-coming designers.

It is therefore not without reason that for over twenty years we have put our trust in the performance capabilities of AutoCAD

The basis for ATHENA

AutoCAD Architecture is the special AutoCAD version for architects and planners. In hard every-day use with designers, AutoCAD Architecture has proved itself the best for our AutoCAD application, ATHENA – especially when time-critical projects, absolute drawing precision and full compatibility are involved.

Everything from one source

We recommend that you purchase AutoCAD Architecture and ATHENA from us as a bundle. Then you receive the complete software for your CAD workstation from one source with the advantages of support and training.

And also in terms of cost you can make use of a distinct advantage. When bundled with ATHENA we can make you an extremely attractive offer for your version of AutoCAD Architecture.
You can find more information on AutoCAD and AutoCAD Architecture at

Advantages of a subscription for Autodesk products

We offer a subscription (= upgrade agreement) for your Autodesk license(s). The subscription term can be for one, two or three years. With a three-year term extension a further 5% saving can be expected. The agreement does not extend automatically.

What advantages does a subscription have for your company?

Basically, the subscription advantages comprise financial and user-friendly aspects.

1. Financial aspects

  • A subscription is in each case more favorably priced than the annual pending upgrade (the upgrade price is currently 70% of the price for new software).
  • A subscription represents an expense and therefore does not need to be included in the accounting balance.
  • A subscription represents a calculable annual/monthly investment.

2. User-friendliness as an aspect

  • The rights of use as a home-user license (install your license on your home computer so that you can also work from home).
  • Rights of use on the last three preceding versions (taken from the current version level) within the scope of the subscription term. This gives you the possibility of making changes to an older drawing.
  • Rights of use for the Autodesk Cloud with a storage capacity of 25 GB. Save large drawings in the cloud and in this way enable any project participant throughout the world to access these data.

You will find the log-in page of the Subscription Center here.

A subscription is available for the following Autodesk full versions and upgrades:

  • AutoCAD Architecture
  • AutoCAD Mechanical
  • AutoCAD
  • Inventor
  • Upgrades
  • Various Autodesk suites

Subscription advice and information

Personal advice on the subject of subscription, further information (e.g. what happens when the term expires?), a calculation of the cost of your desired subscription products etc., can be obtained from your local CAD-PLAN sales partner.