Useful tools for statics and building physics

Always on the safe side. ATHENA’s computational functions for structural analysis and building physics are well-developed tools for the exact determination of, for example, centers of gravity and moments, thermal resistances or sound insulation dimensions. You can conveniently compute the required moments of inertia or maximum deflections.

statik-widerstand-en-thumbThermal resistance

Establishment of thermal resistance values of chosen assemblies. The assemblies can be made of several layers (materials), which can be chosen from an freely extendable library.

Centre of Gravity and moments

This command computes the centre of gravity and the static moments (Ix, Iy, Wx, Wy and area) for single or multiple profiles. The centre of gravity is marked, and its position automatically dimensioned. Ideal for developing project-specific profiles.

statik-moment-en-thumbRequired moment of inertia / deflection

Calculates the required moment of inertia, the maximum deflection and maximum moment for a girder under 14 different load cases. A results table can be inserted, with a diagram of the load case if required.

Panel / solid thickness calculation

Thickness calculation for a panel or solid body under a defined loading case. The Bach plate formula is used as a basis for the computation.

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