Upgrade ATHENA 2022

With fewer steps to the goal, the ATHENA 2022 upgrade makes lots of things easier and faster. The functions for handling library objects have been improved to be more user-friendly while remaining powerful; optimized dialog boxes with simplified operation make it easier to work quickly; and numerous new features expand ATHENA’s functionality.

“Get” dialog completely renewed

The “Get” dialog has been repurposed as the primary point of contact for retrieving objects or object properties from library files, the catalog, the current drawing, or saved drawings. A tree structure enables you to quickly and clearly determine the object’s clipboard location.

In general, library object management has been significantly simplified, which is advantageous when there are a large number of commands. Additionally, the file size of your drawings can be significantly reduced because objects are saved in the drawing only when they are used.

Edit/export library

With the new “Edit library” dialog box, you can now more easily and quickly edit and export ATHENA object libraries.

AutoCAD command “Match properties” for ATHENA objects

If you frequently use the AutoCAD command “Match properties”, you’ll appreciate the new option for transferring ATHENA object properties. This is because when selecting the target objects with the Ctrl key pressed, you can also transfer ATHENA properties with this AutoCAD command.

Project browser

You can now export sheet metal sheets as diagrams (developments) directly from the project browser. This avoids the intermediate step of returning to the sheet metal module to generate the diagrams.


If you need to specify multiple story heights within a single story in one of your plans, ATHENA now includes several base heights for the levels. The calculated levels now have the same number of heights as the base heights you determined at the definition level.

New, modern dialog boxes

For easier and faster handling, the “Apply” dialog boxes for assemblies, bar assemblies, panels, components, free semi-finished products and walls have now been converted to the new format.

Tangential edges in projections instead of contour edges

As demonstrated in the ATHENA 2D diagrams, tangential edges, i.e. transitions from radii to straight edges, are now displayed in the ATHENA projections. This representation replaces the contour edges (rounded edges) that were previously used.


When you use the “Infill elements” command to select an area in an axis model whose boundary is recognized and then used to generate an infill element, you can now not only place the element contour anywhere in the drawing for dimensioning, but also return it to its original position, i.e. directly on the axis model, along with a label.

Rename named blocks

The previously named command “Name block” has been renamed “Rename block” and serves both to convert and name unnamed blocks and to rename named blocks. You can see all the blocks in the drawing within the dialog, and you can be certain that no block name is assigned twice.

Punch objects

Within the “Punch objects” command, a mouse-over preview of the punching result is now displayed. Furthermore, you can select multiple outlines to be used as a punching outline or to be designated as outlines to be punched and pressed at the same time. If any ATHENA objects are lost during the punching process, they are converted to unnamed blocks.

Export layouts

With the “Export layout” command, you can now export multiple layouts from a drawing to the model space of new drawings at the same time. After specifying a target directory and, optionally, a file prefix, each exported layout is exported as a new DWG.

Further new features

  • The setup has been adapted: Install ATHENA under AutoCAD, AutoCAD Architecture, Advance Steel and AutoCAD Mechanical 2019 to 2023.
  • New commands have been assigned to the ATHENA ribbon’s various groups based on their functionality:
    • New commands “ATHENA authorization” and “ATHENA info”
    • New command “Edit library”
    • “Structure list”, “List of free positions”, “List of sheet metal”, “List of insulation/gaskets”, and “List of pipe elements” are all new list commands.
    • Elval Colour, GIP, and ISO-Chemie are three new profile system manufacturers.
  • The dialog for entering article data has been adjusted. If items are assigned in an external drawing that is not stored in your database or if manufacturers assign items, they are displayed and can be transferred to the current item assignment with a single mouse click.
  • As with AutoCAD objects, you can now create and edit ATHENA objects with precise dimensions.
  • “Arrange viewports”: When used in the layout, the command now maximizes the active viewport, which makes defining layout areas easier.
  • “New viewport”: You can now create a new viewport by drawing a diagonal between two points and determining its center point.
  • The following new standard parts have been added to ATHENA 2022:
    • Heroal fully integrated range as DWG files,
    • ISO chemical range completely integrated as DWG files,
    • GIP_Range completely integrated as DWG files,
    • Elval Colour range fully integrated as DWG files,
    • Jordahl profiles completed,
    • Ejot parts completed.
  • Position model as label object: You can use the “Change label scales” command to modify the label scale of previously created position models.
  • “Associative bar work”: After the assignment, you can now name the processings; for example, when using the “Apply arrangement” command, you can distinguish between different edits.
  • “Export to BIM”: You can also export assemblies, such as substructures or T-connectors.
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