Thermo-hygro analysis with ATHENA

flixo-2isobilderATHENA includes a light version of flixo, the leading technical software for thermal-hygro analysis and reporting (isothermal computation). Now thermal bridges can be detected at the planning stage and eliminated through changes in design.

The special feature with the integration of flixo in ATHENA: A detail drawing produced in ATHENA can be transferred to flixo in one working step. Here, areas and materials (where known) are recognized and arcs are converted into polygons. Material changes or assignments can still be made in the flixo dialog box. After entering the internal and external temperature, a temperature computation is carried out and inserted into the ATHENA drawing.

The previously usual time taken for the transfer of a detail drawing produced in CAD programs into the “Isothermal program” could easily amount to 1.5 hrs. plus the same time for modifications to the detail. The possibility of automatic transfer now reduces the time to the press of a key.