The ATHENA 3D module

3D design is used for the free planning of complicated geometries, such as, sloping polygon facades, pyramids, glazed roofs and bays. To achieve this, profiles or profile groups are placed over the axes of a wire model. Cut parts can be automatically computed and the components (e.g., profiles) are output with the cut parts in a parts list or in a drawing. Dedicated master data can be created, containing the profile geometries, material properties, design rules and requirements from production. Based on this master data as well as spatial elements you can design flat elements, such as windows and doors. The 3D design takes into account profile groups, cut parts, processes, sheet metal, glazing and also hardware. It can be displayed as a 3D view, 2D view and through any sections. The extracts can be output as parts lists or as production drawings. An interface to PPC/ERP is available.

Some functions of the 3D module as examples:

Create and edit Assembly

3d-manager-en-thumbThe Bar Assemblies Manager facilitates the grouping of a number of profiles to form an assembly, e.g., a transom with sealing strips, insulator and cover section. Within an assembly, the components can be modified or reassigned. Also, the components can be rotated and mirrored, and the insertion points can be displaced.


3d-fuellung-en-thumbYou can create infills, e.g., panels that can make up several layers. The infills are assigned to boundary objects, for instance mullions and transoms.  When an infill is assigned, the insets are quickly and easily defined. The inset can be different for each edge, and also different for each layer. In this way, notched glazing can be created.

Bar diagram

3d-profilauszug-en-thumbAfter the automatic profile joints (cuttings) routine has been run, bar diagrams can be produced. A 2D bar diagram of the profile with lengths, angles and part numbers is automatically created.

Create parts lists

Parts lists can be created directly from the 3D drawing from all parts used in the construction. Infill lists and bar lists, including raw and cut-lengths of the profiles, can be created. The lists are created in MS-Excel/Access format.

Simplified Display

The profiles can either be displayed in full detail or simplified. There are four different display levels. The simplest display (rectangles) reduces the file size to 1/15th, and the working speed increases correspondingly.

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