ATHENA – the AutoCAD application for curtain wall design and facade engineering

Matched exactly to our users’ requirements, ATHENA is a complete CAD software package, offering practically everything to simplify the daily design tasks which confront the designer:

CAD Software for metal construction - ATHENA 3D design
  • 2D design: a 2D drawing environment with practical routines and libraries for producing elevations, cross-sections, and workshop drawings.
  • 3D design: a versatile 3D design section with the possibility of generating parts lists and production drawings automatically from a 3D design.
  • Engineering: powerful computational tools for structural analysis and building physics.
  • Sheet editing: a sheet editing program for sheet design and development.

In addition, ATHENA is independent of profile systems and can be matched to individual needs. Ideal for international design: ATHENA labels all the customer objects fully automatically and can translate a drawing into each of the 10 languages currently contained in ATHENA on the press of a key.


ATHENA is fully BIM-enabled via the IFC interface. Using the interface it is possible to transfer ATHENA 3D facade models to so-called BIM programs, such for example, Autodesk Revit, and, say, to carry out collision checks with other project subsections. Furthermore, objects can be transferred from Revit to ATHENA and then be fitted with profiles, infills, sheets, etc. These can then be returned afterwards.

Interfaces to the programs LogiKal (Orgadata) and ERPlus (T.A. Project) are also available.

Four-way versatility!

ATHENA contains four functional groups covering a range of performance for which you would have to procure four different programs.

Functional Group 1: 2D design

2D drawing functions are tuned for the rapid production of section and elevation drawings, plan views and production drawings. Numerous little helpers particularly promote productivity. For example, routines for semifinished products, membranes, thermal insulation, welded seams or panels or the very extensive standard parts library which, apart from the illustration and labeling of the parts, also provides information on approvals and installation hints. Or the tools for the management of materials, layers, and blocks. Particularly, advantageous – all ATHENA objects are intelligent ARX objects and can be labeled and edited with a double click!

The powerful 2D tools of ATHENA increase productivity, save work time and costs, plus also help the designer to concentrate on the essential aspects of his work.


Functional Group 2: 3D design

The 3D design is used for the free planning of complicated geometries, such as, sloping polygon façades, pyramids, glazed roofs and bays. To achieve this, profiles or profile groups are placed over the axes of a wire model. Cut parts can be automatically computed and the components (e.g. profiles) are output with the cut parts in a parts list or in a workshop drawing.

Dedicated master data can be created, containing the profile geometries, material properties, design rules or requirements from production. Based on this master data, as well as spatial elements, you can design flat elements, such as windows and doors.

The 3D design takes into account profile groups, cut parts, processes, sheet metal, glazing and also hardware. It can be displayed as a 3D view, 2D view and through any sections. The extracts can be output as parts lists or as production drawings. Optionally, an NC-X generator is available with which the NC data for profile-processing centers can be generated.


Functional Group 3: Sheet editing

ATHENA now contains a complete sheet editing program for the quicker design of sheets with the associated developments. Increased productivity during sheet design comprises of clearly laid-out dialog boxes for the input of basic sheet data and processes, a 3D viewer for continuous visual checks and versatile options for the import and export of drawing data.


Functional Group 4: Engineering

Always on the safe side. ATHENA’s computational functions for structural analysis and building physics are well-developed tools for the exact determination of, for example, centers of gravity and moments, thermal resistances or sound insulation dimensions. You can conveniently compute the required moments of inertia or maximum deflections. You can also carry out thermal bridge analyses (isothermal calculations). In this way thermal bridges can be eliminated during the design stage


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