ATHENA 2D-functionality

The 2D drawing functions are tuned for the rapid production of section and elevation drawings, plan views and production drawings. Features particularly promoting productivity are the numerous small aids, such as for example, routines for semi-finished items, membranes, thermal insulation, panels or welded seams and the comprehensive standard parts library with 82,000 parts or the tools for managing materials, layers and blocks. A special advantage is that all ATHENA objects are intelligent ARX objects and can be edited with a double click!

The powerful 2D tools of ATHENA increase productivity, save working time and costs and also help the designer to concentrate on the essential aspects of his work.

Sectional drawing:

2d-fassadenanschluss-en-thumbRefined routines simplify the insertion of standard parts, sheet metal sections, sealing material or thermal insulation. Infills such as glazing or panels can be conveniently inserted. The parts labeling is adapted when making changes.

Further examples:

Screwed joint:

2d-verschraubung-en-thumbProgram for generating screwed joints. Using this routine, screwed joints consisting of a number of ATHENA parts (screw, washer, nut, hole), can be generated and also edited. Frequently required screwed joints can be saved in libraries for rapid recall.

Profiled sheet:

2d-formblech-en-thumbThe profiled sheet generator facilitates the fast insertion of trapezoidal or corrugated sheets from various manufacturers. The sheet parameters are defined in a dialog box.


2d-fassadenansicht-en-thumbATHENA offers a number of commands for creating views. Facade and element views can be easily created and modified later. 

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