Upgrade APOLLON 2023

APOLLON presents itself in its 2023 version with extended functionality and optimized operation. If you’re designing large facades, the new same-part recognition and new functions for a better overview and control make your job easier and safer.


The new “Facade” dialog in your APOLLON model makes it easier to assign components to a building surface. You get a particularly clear representation of the building front or the entire structure, ensuring that no component is overlooked. It’s possible to move an already created component to another area and the APOLLON objects will then be recalculated automatically. Other components can be created individually or in groups, and the bars have the options “Infill”, “Bar definition”, or “Base component”. You will be able to change the objects at any time, allowing you to determine the dummy bars later. These features save you a significant amount of time and effort.


With the new tagging function, you can now record identical bars and infills in your APOLLON model. You will be able to generate a much more compact parts list by combining the Inventor tagging for connecting parts. The APOLLON-CNC-Export also uses recognized identical parts, which eliminates the need to calculate each part individually.

Profile cutting

The dialog for profile cutting has been further optimized as an essential constituent part of APOLLON. Optical changes such as new graphics and renaming the sub-dialog “Notch” to “Processing” make the dialog even more understandable. The command has gained functionality by allowing the user to specify the depth of each individual notch.


The functions for inserting infills have been expanded. When you create an infill, it is no longer a fixed entity, but is built up in layers that you can control individually. So, for example, in the case of glazing, you can later change the inner glass pane from float glass to laminated safety glass. Furthermore, new infill types have been added, and infills can now be assigned designations and item numbers.

Input options directly on the object

Now it’s possible to change the relative position of the bar directly by moving or rotating it with the new “Free Alignment” command.

Detail drawing

The space-saving representation with interruptions is now supported by the automatic creation of single-part drawings.

Further new features

  • Profile Content Center enhancements:
    • Import parts, definitions and folders from other databases.
    • Inch compatibility in the dialogs.
    • Nested blocks can now also be used when creating components.
    • Bar definitions from subfolders are displayed.
  • New functions for changing bars or infills:
    • Reassign rods and infills.
    • Connect rods and infills.
  • Most commands can now be used in “Embedded mode” to edit a model from the upper assembly without explicitly opening it.
  • Dialog parameters, such as to save and reload the profile cut of the respective classes for a special profile combination, can now be saved.
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