APOLLON – Full parametric 3D CAD/Modeling Software for Façade- and Curtain Wall Design.

APOLLON is a full parametric 3D CAD / modeling software for Façade- and Curtain Wall design. Mullion-Transom-, Unitized- or Free-Form facades, all of them works. It covers the steps from building the model to production plans, part lists and CNC output for the machine. As a “standalone” product, APOLLON is the ideal complement to ATHENA and contains Autodesk Inventor®.

Facades or Curtain Walls can usually be designed very easily and efficiently with ATHENA (CAD software for Façade construction based on AutoCAD®). Details in 2D, Models in 3D. With ATHENA can this be done very easily and efficiently.

If the façade project is very complex and/or varied, however, full parametric software can be useful. This is where APOLLON comes into play. A parametric 3D modeling of a façade or unitized façade can be done perfect.

APOLLON is profile system-independent, but does not contain any profile master-data (except a small sample database). The profile master-data will be generated as project data during the design process. Advantage: Changes to the profile data, e.g. due to static requirements, are very easy to make. The master data grows from time to time.

Interfaces to profile master-data from partners are added later.


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