Survey results very gratifying!

CAD-PLAN GmbH wanted more accurate facts and carried out a survey* of its customers. Participants were metal construction companies, planning offices, facade consultants and universities. They were asked to reply to various questions regarding the software products, user behavior and service. The idea behind this was to obtain more information about the use of products and the demands on them, primarily about ATHENA. Furthermore, customer satisfaction was validated, as this forms the basis for further success.

The evaluation showed that technicians work with ATHENA on average 5.81 hours per day. This is a good figure, because, along with designing, technicians must also perform other tasks, e.g. meetings, site visits, etc. The replies regarding the estimated time saving of ATHENA compared to AutoCAD were also interesting. These are substantial (see below). Some participants even stated a time saving of 81 – 100%!

Moreover, it was confirmed that the 2D design, sheet processing and the tools for building physics and structural analysis, i.e. the tools for routine planning tasks, were used most intensively. Gratifyingly, from the survey result CAD-PLAN was also able to see an increase in the use of the 3D section. The ATHENA 3D functions are being used more frequently, also in conjunction with Building Information Modeling (BIM), which is considered primarily by foreign users as being increasingly important.

According to their own statements, the survey participants mainly use the latest version of ATHENA. From this CAD-PLAN concludes that the annual update is popular amongst users. Revised and new functions appear to be assessed as practical and are comprehensively used. Finally, the satisfaction with the sales, support and training sessions received top marks. CAD-PLAN is delighted in this respect and is highly motivated in improving the service quality still further.

Here are a few sample questions from the survey:

In your opinion how high is the percentage time saving with ATHENA compared to AutoCAD alone?

Estimated time saving Proportion of replies
0-20 % 34,74 %
21-40 % 37,89 %
41-60 % 14,74 %
61-80 % 11,58 %
81-100 % 1,05 %

Overall, how satisfied are you and your colleagues with ATHENA?

Mark Proportion of replies
1 12,63 %
2 76,84 %
3 9,47 %
4 1,05 %
5 0 %
6 0 %


Other interesting assessments given by respondents:

Satisfaction with: Mark
AutoCAD 2,40
Autodesk 2,76
ATHENA-Schulungen 2,06
ATHENA-Support 1,83

CAD-PLAN GmbH was very satisfied with the above-average response to the survey. The information obtained shows that CAD-PLAN is on the right course and should continue with the on-going development and maintenance of the software products, in particular ATHENA, and with the optimization of support and the range of training offered.

The main prize, an iPad Mini, was drawn from all survey participants under supervision. The happy winner is Mr. Thomas Schmidt (Priedemann Fassadenberatung GmbH, Großbeeren). Congratulations!

*The survey was not representative.


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