ATHENA 2018 Upgrade is available

We are pleased to announce that the new version of ATHENA 2018 is now available.

It contains the following innovations:

  • Project browser: The most comprehensive innovation in ATHENA 2018 – a great tool for managing 2D and 3D drawing objects in drawings and the resulting parts lists. The Project browser greatly simplifies the list output of the 2D or 3D drawing parts. When it comes to objects, up to now it has often been necessary to create parts lists manually, such as in Excel. Now, the Project browser allows for a fast and effective generation of parts lists.
  • Enhancement to the ATHENA metal sheet module: Complex metal sheet models can now be constructed, since folds can now be placed on other folds. SAT export for production is now possible, as well as IFC export – individually or as part of a 3D model (for example to Revit).
  • Objects of the Grid division module are now infill planes and can also be used in 3D.
  • Insulations can now be constructed as a polyline.
  • New profiled sheets and panels from Hoesch, SAB and Laukien have been integrated.
  • The new command “3D model projection” – Creation of a two-dimensional view / exploded view of a 3D model, including labelling.
  • New standard parts (Torx pan head drilling screws in accordance with DIN 7505 M, SPAX trumpet head screws, HUS3-I 6 screw anchor with internal thread M8 / M10, HUS3-I Flex 6 screw anchor with internal thread).
  • Weld seam section as editable ATHENA object.
  • Display window arrangement has been enhanced.
  • BIM: IFC export is now also possible with AutoCAD Solids.
  • ERPlus interface has been enhanced. For example, article numbers of standard parts can now be synchronized between ERPlus and ATHENA.
  • Tagging: Can now be deactivated during creation of parts lists.

Here you will find an overview of all the important innovations

ATHENA 2018 is compatible with AutoCAD (Architecture, Mechanical, Advance Steel) 2016 to 2019 and is available here for download.

For technical queries regarding installation you can contact our support staff at +49-69-800818-63 or via e-mail to



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