ATHENA 2017 Servicepack 1 is available

The new Service Pack 1 is immediately available for ATHENA 2017. It contains some optimized features. Please install the service pack if you use ATHENA 2017. The service pack is independent of language and platform, i.e. it can be used for single-station and network licenses. You will find further information on this in the file “_changelog_eng.pdf”.

Download in the Customer Center

Installation :
1. Unzip the ZIP file.
2. Please read the file _README.HTML.
3. Start the file ATH_SP1_INSTALLER.EXE, which you will find in the subdirectory of the unzipped files.

If queries arise, we would be pleased to respond to them. In this respect, please contact our Support using the phone number +49-69-800818-63 or via e-mail:


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Get in contact with us!

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