Software products from CAD-PLAN relieve the designer of a great deal of routine work, increasing efficiency and productivity.

The CAD solution for 2D and 3D design, sheet editing and building physics

Full parametric 3D CAD/Modeling Software

Product Data Management (PDM)

ATHENA 2021 Service Pack 1 available 

From now on, Service Pack 1 for ATHENA 2021 for AutoCAD and ATHENA 2021 Complete is available for download.

ATHENA is now executable on AutoCAD 2022, some commands are even faster and more intuitive to use thanks to adjustments to the pre-setting, and the Ejot, Jordahl and Halfen assortments have been expanded and arranged more clearly. Several dialog boxes and the interface to LogiKal have been optimized and the field restriction of the “façade element” function has been removed.

APOLLON 2022 Upgrade available

After APOLLON proved itself successfully in day-to-day design work in the first version, the upgrade to version 2022 now brings a range of practical innovations.

Creating and managing your own profile series, placing objects on the model, and applying processes: We have worked on every aspect to make parametric design even more convenient and easier.

The program for thermal analysis and reporting (isothermal computation)

Designing, analyzing and dimensioning

With ATHENA, APOLLON, CRONOS, flixo and SJ MEPLA a high performance range of programs is available to you covering most requirements in the designer’s routine work:

  • Drawing and designing
  • structural analyses and building physics calculations
  • thermal-hygro examinations
  • stress calculations of glazed structures.

Our products are harmoniously matched to one another and include interfaces to further programs from the specialist sector.

The stress calculation software for glass constructions

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